The self adhesive bandage:
Name: Mesa+
Practical bandage.

The Mesa+ bandage can be
applied to all minor injuries such as blisters, cuts, minor burns after the appropriate treatment.

• Permits coagulation.
• Permits healing.
• Resists water, oil, grease and dirt.
• Non-allergic.
• Lets skin breathe.
• Does not stick to hair or skin
• Tears by hand
• Can be used as pressure bandage by using several layers.
• Can be applied to a freshly washed surface.
• Not affected by weather changes.
• Can be stored anywhere.
• 5 Year shelf life.

The PROTEC+ CREPE is an ideal protector for all injuries such as blisters, cuts, minor burns etc... after appropriate treatment also.

• Waterproof.
• Resistant to heat oil, grease and alkaline products.
• Does not stick to hair or skin.
• Non-allergic.
• Warms up in seconds to it’s pliability so it too can be
stored in a vehicle.
• Can be used as a tensor bandage.
• Permits ultimate protection.
• 5 Year shelf life.
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